Our Lady of Perpetual Help

To my surprise I just learned that Our lady of Perpetual Help’s feast day is on my birthday! I am not sure why I have not know this until now. It is pretty special.

Mother of Perpetual Help, today we face so many difficulties. Your picture tells us so much about you. It reminds us to reach out and help those in need. Help us understand that our lives belong to others as much as they belong to us. 

Mary, Model of Christian love, we know we cannot heal every ill or solve every problem. But with God’s grace, we intend to do what we can. May we be true witnesses to the world that love for one another really matters. May our daily actions proclaim how fully our lives are modeled after yours, Mother of Perpetual Help.


Mother of Perpetual Help, you have been blessed and favored by God. you became not only the Mother of the Redeemer, but Mother of the redeemed as well. We come to you today as your loving children. Watch over us and take care of us. As you held the child Jesus in your loving arms, so take us in your arms. Be a mother ready at every moment to help us. For God who is mighty has done great things for you, and God’s mercy is from age to age on those who love God. Intercede for us, dear Mother, in obtaining pardon for our sins, love for Jesus, final perseverance, and the grace always to call upon you, Mother of Perpetual Help. 


Oh Mother of Perpetual Help, grant that I may ever invoke your powerful name, the protection of the living and the salvation of the dying. Purest Mary, let your name henceforth be ever on my lips. Delay not, Blessed Lady, to rescue me whenever I call on you. In my temptations, in my needs, I will never cease to call on you, ever repeating your sacred name, Mary, Mary. What a consolation, what sweetness, what confidence fills my soul when I utter your sacred name or even only think of your! I thank the Lord for having given you so sweet, so powerful, so lovely a name. But I will not be content with merely uttering your name. Let my love for your prompt me ever to hail you Mother of Perpetual Help. 

Mother of Perpetual Help, pray for me and grant me the favor I confidently ask of you. {mention your petition}

The Will of God

Recently the Lord really started speaking to me about surrendering to His will for me. After going through a very emotional divorce 5 years ago I had hoped to be married again. But then the Lord started speaking to me about His will for me last December at a silent retreat. I pondered on this for a couple of months on what was God’s will for me. Did He actually want me married again? Did He want me to remain single? I mean I never asked the Lord about marrying my ex-husband. I just did what I thought was the right path for me at that time when I was young and I did not have a relationship with the Lord. And that path I chose ended up in emotional and verbal abuse for several years. Especially over my faith in the later part of my marriage. I would of never dreamed my marriage would of ended the way it did.

After leaving and starting a new life 5 years ago and going through much healing and getting my marriage annulled, the Lord has now started to speak to me about His will for me. And He started to talk to me about surrender. I went on another retreat last February where the Lord started to tell me about totally surrending to Him. I kept hearing about surrender the entire retreat. The Lord then spoke to me about the surrender novena. Three different times he put people in my life telling me about the surrender novena. And one of those times being on this retreat with talking to a spiritual director.

I was like okay Lord what are you wanting me to surrender to? I kept praying about this and praying the surrender novena. I knew the Lord was saying surrender to My will for you. Then this past April He told me…..what I believe what He wanted me to surrender to…..He started to tell me about religious life as a sister. I was stunned really. I mean I guess this thought had kind of been in my mind at different points in my life but I just blew it off. Thinking this is not what God really wants for me. I didn’t think the Lord was actually serious about it before. But soon I kept getting more and more confirmations about this in various ways. Through friends, scripture, nature, dreams, that still small voice and even Mary. Yes He even sent Mary to speak to me! When He sends His mother I guess He is really being quite serious….

So I have found myself really thinking and praying about this. Pondering living a religious life. Letting go of things and relationships. Material things. Detaching myself from the world. For a life of peace I feel with the Lord. A life down the narrow road and not he wide path of the world.

I feel the Lord is being serious about this with me and I only want to be in God’s will where I know I am safe.

There is still more praying to do and discernment but I find myself wanting to take this path the Lord has put in front of me. I also have to trust if this what He wants for me He will clear the path and help me get there. So this is where “Plan B” comes in for my life. I thought “Plan A” was the right path for me but it turned out not to be so. In my “Plan A” God was nowhere involved in it. But maybe God is saying not all is lost I have much bigger plans for you. Just surrender……

The Surrender Novena

Day 1

Why do you confuse yourselves by worrying? Leave the care of your affairs to me and everything will be peaceful. I say to you in truth that every act of true, blind, complete surrender to me produces the effect that you desire and resolves all difficult situations.

O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything! (10 times)

Day 2

Surrender to me does not mean to fret, to be upset, or to lose hope, nor does it mean offering to me a worried prayer asking me to follow you and change your worry into prayer. It is against this surrender, deeply against it, to worry, to be nervous and to desire to think about the consequences of anything.

It is like the confusion that children feel when they ask their mother to see to their needs, and then try to take care of those needs for themselves so that their childlike efforts get in their mother’s way. Surrender means to placidly close the eyes of the soul, to turn away from thoughts of tribulation and to put yourself in my care, so that only I act, saying, “You take care of it.”

O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything! (10 times)

Day 3

How many things I do when the soul, in so much spiritual and material need, turns to me, looks at me and says to me, “You take care of it,” then closes its eyes and rests. In pain you pray for me to act, but that I act in the way you want. You do not turn to me, instead, you want me to adapt your ideas. You are not sick people who ask the doctor to cure you, but rather sick people who tell the doctor how to. So do not act this way, but pray as I taught you in the Our Father: “Hallowed be thy Name,” that is, be glorified in my need. “Thy kingdom come,” that is, let all that is in us and in the world be in accord with your kingdom. “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven,” that is, in our need, decide as you see fit for our temporal and eternal life. If you say to me truly: “Thy will be done,” which is the same as saying: “You take care of it,” I will intervene with all my omnipotence, and I will resolve the most difficult situations.

O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything! (10 times)

Day 4

You see evil growing instead of weakening? Do not worry. Close your eyes and say to me with faith: “Thy will be done, You take care of it.” I say to you that I will take care of it, and that I will intervene as does a doctor and I will accomplish miracles when they are needed. Do you see that the sick person is getting worse? Do not be upset, but close your eyes and say, “You take care of it.” I say to you that I will take care of it, and that there is no medicine more powerful than my loving intervention. By my love, I promise this to you.

O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything! (10 times)

Day 5

And when I must lead you on a path different from the one you see, I will prepare you; I will carry you in my arms; I will let you find yourself, like children who have fallen asleep in their mother’s arms, on the other bank of the river. What troubles you and hurts you immensely are your reason, your thoughts and worry, and your desire at all costs to deal with what afflicts you.

O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything! (10 times)

Day 6

You are sleepless; you want to judge everything, direct everything and see to everything and you surrender to human strength, or worse—to men themselves, trusting in their intervention—this is what hinders my words and my views. Oh, how much I wish from you this surrender, to help you; and how I suffer when I see you so agitated! Satan tries to do exactly this: to agitate you and to remove you from my protection and to throw you into the jaws of human initiative. So, trust only in me, rest in me, surrender to me in everything.

O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything! (10 times)

Day 7

I perform miracles in proportion to your full surrender to me and to your not thinking of yourselves. I sow treasure troves of graces when you are in the deepest poverty. No person of reason, no thinker, has ever performed miracles, not even among the saints. He does divine works whosoever surrenders to God. So don’t think about it any more, because your mind is acute and for you it is very hard to see evil and to trust in me and to not think of yourself. Do this for all your needs, do this, all of you, and you will see great continual silent miracles. I will take care of things, I promise this to you.

O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything! (10 times)

Day 8

Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away on the flowing current of my grace; close your eyes and do not think of the present, turning your thoughts away from the future just as you would from temptation. Repose in me, believing in my goodness, and I promise you by my love that if you say, “You take care of it,” I will take care of it all; I will console you, liberate you and guide you.

O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything! (10 times)

Day 9

Pray always in readiness to surrender, and you will receive from it great peace and great rewards, even when I confer on you the grace of immolation, of repentance, and of love. Then what does suffering matter? It seems impossible to you? Close your eyes and say with all your soul, “Jesus, you take care of it.” Do not be afraid, I will take care of things and you will bless my name by humbling yourself. A thousand prayers cannot equal one single act of surrender, remember this well. There is no novena more effective than this.

O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything! (10 times)

Mother, I am yours now and forever.

Through you and with you

I always want to belong

completely to Jesus.

Look Again

I felt these words on my heart from the Lord when I woke up this morning.

Look again at what I have done in the past. Look again how I have delivered you out of bondage. Look again how I have delivered your nation out of the hands of the enemy in the past. And I can and will do it again! My people are so focused on the doom and gloom of the day. People are feeling defeated by focusing on the the doom and gloom around the world. I have come that they may life and life more abundantly. Look again at how I have delivered My people in the past. Is My arm too short to reach you? To reach this nation? To reach your situation? Of course not! I am in the midst of this nation whether it looks like it or not. I AM here! I am here to rescue you from the darkness that lurks around at every corner. Just call on My name! I am here to save. Stay away from the doom and gloom messages. Get into my Word. Focus on Me not the storm. Turn off the news. The media. Turn off that news of death that comes through your TV. It is not good. Focus on whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

I am your Hope. All hope is not lost in this nation. I have this nation in the the palm of My hands.